Can the rally happen in 2021?

Frank Seidler asked me today, how about a rally update and indeed an update is more than overdue!

When Cyprus went into Lockdown in spring 2020 we were first forced to postpone for later in the year and when the country went from one form of lockdown to the next we finally had to admit defeat and cancel the rally for 2020 completely.

2021 started promising. The country step by step was lifting measures and several vaccines were first on the horizon and then vaccinations actually started. I was confident that the rally was possible in 2021 in the classic “rally month” of June.

Recently though, as we all know, the vaccination efforts are stumbling, the number of infections is again on the rise and by a factor of 10 higher than they were March 2020. I personally am quarantined at home, due to a Covid case in my own family. Even before the rally preparations were difficult due to the SMS regime, but are now officially on hold.

So can the rally happen in 2021? I think we have to give it a qualified “Maybe, but …”:

  • Maybe, but not in June and more likely after the summer
  • Maybe, but without an evening event or with a different kind of evening event

The last item is the result of some of the venues considered in the preparations so far, did not open yet again and at least one gave us signals, that they might not be reopening at all.

Keeping you in suspense, what a “different kind of evening event” might mean then and looking forward to giving you better news next time.

Still enjoy,


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