The rally is back!

As you all know, in 2020 we were forced to cancel the rally due to the lockdown and while 2021 had started promising, in the end, we had to cancel it again due to safety concerns, restrictions in place and overall planning uncertainty. While certainly, the pandemic is not fully over yet, I believe due […]

Can the rally happen in 2021?

Frank Seidler asked me today, how about a rally update and indeed an update is more than overdue! When Cyprus went into Lockdown in spring 2020 we were first forced to postpone for later in the year and when the country went from one form of lockdown to the next we finally had to admit […]

26th Cyprus Shipping Rally rescheduled to 2021

Dear Shipping Rally fans, Four month ago Cyprus had just entered lock-down and we were forced to postpone the rally until further notice. Preparations were simply not possible. The situation improved. Cyprus went through it quite well. The number of newly daily infected came down. Lock-down measures were gradually released. Life appears mostly normal. Still […]

26th Cyprus Shipping Rally Postponed

Dear Shipping Rally Fans, the Corona outbreak is forcing us to postpone the rally until further notice. In spite all of your and our enthusiasm for the annual rally, I am sure each of us have at the moment some other priorities, keeping our companies operational, caring for our loved ones. Additionally the lock-down in […]

Industry Ready for 25th Anniversary Cyprus Off-Road Shipping Rally

One of the islands most anticipated maritime events of the year is about to take place on June 8, 2019, and is set to celebrate its 25 anniversary. Since 1994, Cyprus Shipping Off-Road Rally has established itself as one of the main events of the local shipping industry’s social calendar. It brings together local and […]

Our Rally is around the corner…..

Dear Rally Enthusiasts, Only 3 Days and a few hours to go to kick off the 23rd Shipping Off-Road Rally! Our last trials had been extremely funny and successful so that we are looking forward to host you on this very special day. All teams should have received their starting times by now, however do not […]

Slots running out fast…. Register now!

Thank you for your huge interest in our event! We are glad to announce that more than 20 starting slots are already taken. Shortly, we shall present a list of participating teams for your ready reference. Make sure to keep your peers informed that starting slots are getting rare. Register now before it is too […]

Register now!

    Registration for the 23rd Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally  (17th of June 2017) is now open.   The 2017 Sláinte World Tour Team

The 23rd Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally will take place on the 17th of June 2017.

The Sláinte World Tour team which has won the 22nd Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally accepted the challenge to organize the event for 2017, namely the 23rd Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally. The 23rd Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally will take place on the 17th of June 2017. At this stage please be informed that we shall continue to […]