Year 2011

 Winning Team

  • Rosi Davy
  • Mike Davy

Area of route

  • Ayios Georgios, Alamanos Beach & Pool Bar


Mike Davy
Roger Obeid
Paul Galvez
Pan Yiannakou
Julia Stylianou
Claus Rosenberg
Naradko, Mikhail
Paul Osenda
Kuido Naaber
Frank Donath
Thor Utheim
Flori Ioannou
Rolf Slothouwer
Smink, Matthias
Soenke Timm
Radoslav Zuberek
Gerhard Freyer
John Bloothoofd
Jan Poerschke
Pawel Graban
Duncan Glover
Peter Busch
Bjoern Borbe
Dominic Dulewicz
Alfred von der Hoeh
Rene Dzicki

 Photo Gallery

Source: Official Facebook page, Flickr

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