Year 2012

 Winning Team

  • Lisa Brandon
  • Peggy Dzicki
  • Kathryn Shaw
  • Katharina Weberhofer
  • Tatjana Borovnica

Area of route

  • Ladies Mile, Golden Beach Restaurant


Driver Rank
Lisa Brandon gold
Team Londa silver
Alfred von der Hoeh bronze
Peter Busch 4
Olaf Groeger 5
Pawel Graban 6
Constandinos Nestorides 7
Dominic Dulewicz 8
Dieter Rohdenburg 9
Maarten Koper 10
Torsten Keil 11
Merle Mestern 12
Gerhard Freyer 13
Rolf Slothouwer 14
Zbig Wenda 15
Radoslav Zuberec 16
Pan Yiannakou DNF

 Photo Gallery

Source: Official Facebook page, Flickr

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