Rally 2016

Winning team

The 2016’s winning team was Slainte World Tour!
Members of the team are: Carsten Degener, Christian Fuehrs, Leo v. Dohna, Magnus Jacobson, Magnus Renbaeck, Marcus Kogel, Sebastian v. Hardenberg, Tom v.d. Weyde


Organizing team


The 22nd Cyprus Shipping Rally has been organised by the SOFTimpact LTD team. The team has been intensively working the last few months to setup and bring the rally together.

organizing team



Order Team Name Starting Time Driver Co-Driver
1 Pistenflitzer 8:15 Ulrike Hartmann Tanja Mülder
2 TORO NEGRO 8:20 Dieter Rohdenburg Thomas Reppenhagen
3 LAVENDA 8:25 Zbig Wenda Mariola Wenda
4 Smurfs 8:30 Niels Hartmann Jochen Niemann
5 Dutch Devils 8:35 Jeroen Denissen Carolien Vloet
6 The Cheetahs 8:40 Mike Davy Peter-John Haddad
7 Jassas 8:45 Torsten Keil Sven-Uwe Selignow
8 Team Busch 8:50 Stephan Busch Zoe Busch
9 Polish Mafia 8:55 Mariusz Donaiski Rafal Zaluski
10 Highpressure Hurricane 9:00 Raik Garlipp Frank Donath
11 M.I.E 9:05 Paris Mezos Tasos Flourentzos
12 Wanted in 9 Countries 9:10 Holger Ruether Richard Knighton
13 VMS Racers 9:15 Giorgos Petsidis Achilleas Eleftheriou
14 Suzy Saviours 9:20 Richard Stevens Jacqueline Louis
15 Friends 9:25 Georg von Oppen Adam Jurczak
16 DEVILISH ANGELS 9:30 Michalis Neophytou Margo Goldyn
17 The Dutchies 9:35 Wim de Boer Bart van Lunen
18 AKROUNTAMEN 9:40 Frank Seidler David Seidler
19 Sláinte World Tour B 9:45 Sebastian von Hardenberg Leopold Dohna
20 Sláinte World Tour A 9:50 Christian Fuehrs Tom von der Weyden
21 Team No.7 9:55 Nikolas Stefanou Petros Christophides
22 The Bokke 10:00 Gary Brownless Hedda Brownless
23 One Tech 10:05 Aris Angelides Yiannos Pastelas
24 Dulewicz 10:10 Dominik Dulewicz Monika Dulewicz
25 Road Rockets 10:15 Merle Mestern Julia Stylianou
26 Beer belley boys 10:20 Frank Brodersen Georg Buseman
27 V Ships CYP1 10:25 Ian Johnson J Johnson
28 stephanois 10:30 Sebastien Ruffier Roland Ruffier
29 X Team 2016 10:35 Arndt Steffen Bernd Oeltjen
30 Buggy Team 10:40 Alexander Schöller Angelica
31 One Net 10:45 Peter-Michael Haddad Andreas Stylianou
32 RsR NEMO 10:50 Oliver Sassen Chrisis Efstratiou


Company Logos
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Total Results

Position Team Number Team Name Score
1 Team 19 Sláinte World Tour B 60
2 Team 9 Polish Mafia 58
3 Team 29 X Team 2016 57
4 Team 13 VMS Racers 56
5 Team 20 Sláinte World Tour A 52
6 Team 3 LAVENDA 51
7 Team 25 Road Rockets 51
8 Team 31 One Net 51
9 Team 4 Smurfs 50
10 Team 5 Dutch Devils 50
11 Team 10 Highpressure Hurrican 50
12 Team 14 Suzy Saviours 50
13 Team 21 Team No.7 50
14 Team 12 Wanted in 9 Countries 48
15 Team 24 Dulewicz 48
16 Team 8 Team Busch 47
17 Team 26 Beer belley boys 46
18 Team 30 Buggy Team 46
19 Team 1 Pistenflitzer 45
20 Team 22 The Bokke 44
21 Team 2 TORO NEGRO 43
22 Team 7 Jassas 43
23 Team 32 RsR NEMO 43
24 Team 6 The Cheetahs 41
25 Team 11 M.I.E 41
26 Team 16 Devilish Angels 40
27 Team 27 V Ships CYP1 38
28 Team 23 One Tech 36
29 Team 28 Stephanois 36
30 Team 17 The Dutchies 33
31 Team 18 AKROUNTAMEN 33
Team 15 Friends 6


  1. Challenge #1 was decided to be out of competition due to safety reasons
  2. The photo posting activities were discarded due to connectivity issues
  3. Max number of points of rally: 68
  4. Unfortunately, Team 15 had to abort early due to vehicle failure

Activity Top scores / Answers

Activity / Question Top score / Answer
A: Abseiling Height: 16 m,
Time: 00:01:04
Q: What is behind the wall on the left? Vineyard
Q: How many wishes are hanging on the tree 17
Q: At what hour did the time stop? 10
Q: I sound like negation but not tied to that, a sailor should know me, 4 letters I am Knot
A: Cageball Goals: +3
Q: How many skulls could you detect? 12
Q: Which year was the water well built? 1953
Q: On the right you see burned trees. Which animal do you think is responsible for the horrible view? Human
Q: What is that “rusty” object on the left Silo
Q: Left they also call me, a refuge I give, for resting I’m needed, a wine I could be.. Port
Q: What is the name of the bridge? Old Archimandrita / Ha potami bridge
Q: What is the length of Ha potami? 12.5 km
A: Car pole Total distance: 18 cm
Q: How many windmills can you see (Helipad)? 41
Q: What are the names of the two windmills ahead? WGT 040 and WGT 041
Q: Can you estimate the height of the windmill? 85 m
Q: What is powering the antenna to the right? Solar power
A: Quad Time: 00:01:04.4, Letters found: 7
Q: Name the place you see straight ahead Sanctuary of Aphrodite
A: Archery Total points: 64 (25,10,10,10,9)
Anagram. Time to make use of all those stamps you gathered today. Ignore all the stamps from any challenging routes
(Challenge 1 – 3) and use the remaining stamps to form a 7-letter shipping related word.

Photos from the rally

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Mission to Seafarers donation

handover to mission

This year, apart from a well-organized event, organizing team has a special mission to serve. The team has unanimously decided that the remaining funds resulted from sponsorships will be donated to a Shipping welfare charity called “ The Mission to Seafarers”. The welfare charity offers help and support to merchant seafarers regarding both employment and personal issues. More information about “The Mission to Seafarers” can be found here: http://www.missiontoseafarers.org/

After visiting the charity’s premises at the Limassol Port, the organizing team was confronted with their numerous needs and would like to supply them with the appropriate IT equipment to facilitate the communication between seafarers and their families. Your contribution will enable us to provide the necessary equipment and thus promote seafarers’ welfare.

Participation fees

Fee type Amount
Fees for participants for the Rally including the Awards Party

1. Car registration

2.  Adults and children above 12

3.  Children under 12


EUR 20

EUR 15


Additional guest at the Awards Party

1. Guest (adults and children above 12)

2.  Children under 12


EUR 15


Routebook Donwload links

Routebook Cover Page Road Book Cover Page
Routebook Part 1 in Kilometers Routebook Part 1 – Km
Routebook Part 2 in Kilometers Routebook Part 2 – Km
Routebook Part 1 in Miles Routebook Part 1 – Mi
Routebook Part 2 in Miles Routebook Part 2 – Mi
GPX files for Part 1 and Part 2 – can be used
in applications like GeoTracker
GPX files for Part 1 & 2
KML files for Part 1 and Part 2 – can be used
in applications like Google Earth


Rally 2016 Route map