SOFTimpact launches the new Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally website

Over the last two decades the Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally organizing teams have tried with the technology and means available at hand to prepare, present and communicate information to the friends of the rally.

In an effort to gather and highlight the origins and history of this annual event the SOFTimpact organizing team launches a new website outlining the relevant information.

The 2016 SOFTimpact organizing team is working towards enriching the website with additional material as well as giving the rally friends frequent updates and news entries as we approach the event date on the 11th of June 2016.

Of course, a special section will be allocated to the sponsors, without whom the rally would not be possible.

At this stage, our team would like to take that opportunity and kindly ask past organizers and participants to step forward with any kind of material from previous years such as copies of road books, photos, videos, stories, past games or any ideas that might be helpful for the SOFTimpact organizing team and serve the purpose of the new website.

The 2016 SOFTimpact Organizing Team



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