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Dear Participants,

After finalizing the list of participants, we can now inform you for an extra opportunity.

The organizing team would like to announce that one of our sponsors, Boost Pro Shop is giving you the opportunity for a FREE technical check of your car before the rally, the so called scrutineering. The term is broadly used in the traditional Rallies and Formula1 but it has a unique scope. A scrutineer’s job is to check that competing vehicles conform to the minimum requirements and safety standards of the rally.

Attention! Scrutineering is optional for all teams. The target is to have your car checked by experts whose advice might prevent you from unnecessary situations during the day. So, the purpose is definitely NOT to disqualify any teams from the rally.

For the teams interested and would like to grab the opportunity, you can call up Boost Pro Shop engineers and arrange to pass by their professional workshop.

Boost Pro Shop workshop is based in Limassol at Omonias Avenue. For more information, contact details and the location you can visit its official website here: http://boostproshop.com/index.html

Get Ready!!!


The Organizing Team of SOFTimpact

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