26th Cyprus Shipping Rally rescheduled to 2021

Dear Shipping Rally fans,

Four month ago Cyprus had just entered lock-down and we were forced to postpone the rally until further notice. Preparations were simply not possible.

The situation improved. Cyprus went through it quite well. The number of newly daily infected came down. Lock-down measures were gradually released. Life appears mostly normal.

Still the pandemic is obviously not over. There is still no treatment and the worldwide availability of a vaccine is far away. We all see the record breaking numbers of newly infected in the US, in Brazil, but also closer to home, like in Israel.

Past rallies enjoyed evening events often surpassing 100 guests. Impressive, but also to be treated with responsibility. We do not feel comfortable right now to invite you to an event, where quite honestly we ourselves would be cautious to participate this year. We are also hesitant to ask our sponsors at this stage to contribute to an event with a reasonable chance to be cancelled later.

As organizer, we therefore decided to reschedule the 26th Cyprus Shipping Rally to happen coming year, 2021.

Looking forward,

Markus Schmitz
Organizing Team 2020

Posted on: 12th July 2020, by :