Cyprus Shipping Off-Road Rally 2016 Pricing Scheme


Dear friends of the Annual Cyprus Shipping Off-Road Rally,

The organizing team of SOFTimpact announces the pricing scheme for 22nd Cyprus Shipping Off-Road Rally which will take place on Saturday 11th of June 2016.

For registering your team, you are kindly requested to fill up the online registration form located in the new Shipping Off-road Rally official website by 1st of June latest.

All shipping related companies and sponsors are welcome to register a car under the normal terms (first come first served) and participation fees shown below. Of course, there is a maximum number of 30 cars allowed to take part so please register early to ensure your participation In case of overbooking or cancellations, a runner up list of cars will be kept for substitutions.

Fees have as following:

Fee Category Fee type Amount
A.      Fees for participants for the Rally including the Awards Party 1.      Car registration

2.      Adults and children above 12

3.      Children under 12

EUR 20

EUR 15


B.      Additional guest at the Awards Party 1.      Guest (adults and children above 12)

2.      Children under 12

EUR 15



  1. Price includes unlimited local drinks during the dinner
  2. Fees will be collected in cash on the starting day prior car departure.
  3. Further information on your starting time and the list of things you and your car must have will be sent after the whole registration has been completed.

Hurry up and Register NOW!

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5 thoughts on “Cyprus Shipping Off-Road Rally 2016 Pricing Scheme

  1. Dear organizers, as you increase the fees by more than 100% I think it would be appropriate to add an explanation. krgds Gerhard

    1. Good morning Gerhard,

      you are right! The currently set price for participation is double from previous years and indeed that requires an explanation.

      Like every year’s organizers also this year we are trying to offer something special. For this year we are convinced that we found a unique evening location. I am using the word “location” and not “restaurant” on purpose in order to wet your appetite, but keeping in line with the tradition of the rally we would like to keep the event location a surprise for now.

      Unfortunately that location comes at a cost and at the same time we would like to honor our commitment to raise some funds for the Mission to Seafarers.

      Still let me assure you that we heard you!

      So we also would like to bring the costs down and we therefore intensified in the last few weeks to find sponsors for the event. As you can see on the web site we had some success there, but we need your help!

      Can you bring us in contact with potential sponsors?


      Markus & organizing team

  2. Dear organizers, first off all thank you very much for investing your time and effort in organizing this event. From experience i know that loads of weekends are needed to make the rally a success. A good part of the funds for the rally is donated by companies. By donating certain amounts, they trust that the money is used for the intended purpose, and not given away for charity. Most companies have certain funds set aside for all kind of charity organisations, and surely the ‘Missions to Seafarers’ are well supported by many local companies here in Cyprus.
    As much as i sympathize with with the ‘Missions to Seafarers’ and the many volunteers supporting them, i believe that spending donated money is the wrong way and is risking companies to think twice if they continue sponsoring in the future. We have in the past always tried to make it a low-cost event, have managed with substantially lower fees and still had some money left to forward to next years event. Just food for thought. Still i am sure we will have a good time next Saturday!

    1. Good morning Frank,

      Thank you very much for your message. We really appreciate the time spent from you to provide feedback. First of all, I would like to ensure you that the feedback coming from the community and especially from participants is always taken into consideration.

      In addition to the above, please note:

      a) The first purpose of the sponsoring is to cover the cost of the event.

      b) Now that we come closer to finalizing all details including actual costs (compared to estimated costs) and actual sponsoring, we will use most of the remaining funds to lower the participation fee (to be announced to the participants latest by Monday).

      c) Some of the sponsors explicitly donated money due to the charity aspect and we will make sure that these funds will be allocated as expected by these sponsors accordingly to Mission to seafarers.

      d) We only recently became aware that it was a tradition of the rally to hand over remaining funds to next years organizers, simply because it seems there were no remaining funds last year. Obviously we are happy to do exactly that and reactivate the tradition as it indeed would have been very helpful for organizers to have some initial funding, too.

      The Organizing Team

      1. Hi there off-roaders,

        Further to our previous comments, we are glad to announce that due to sponsorship we were able to indeed bring the participation price down, as many of you have already informed. According to new pricing scheme, the car registration fee is now 20 EUR and the fee for adults (both participants and guests) is reduced to 15 EUR. Finally, the organizing team offers a zero-fee participation and/or dinner to all children under 12 who have already declared as participants and/or dinner guests.

        Here we need to say a big thank you to our sponsors and supporters. Without their contribution the new pricing scheme would not have been possible.

        Thank you!

        The Organizing Team of SOFTimpact

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