Handover meeting with previous years organizers

The annual Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally has grown to become the successful event that we all enjoy today due to the shared values and principles of the organizers, sponsors and participants.

In order to make sure that the overall concept of the event is kept unchanged as originally inspired and embraced by all, members of the SOFTimpact organizing team have met up with previous years’ organizers to gain knowledge from people with first-hand experience acquired through the years since Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally inception 22 years ago.

Gladly we found out that, over and above the standard principles, it’s up to each year’s organizing team to come up with new ideas on how to make this event a memorable experience.

A very warm ‘Thank You’ to Frank Seidler, Rafal Zaluski, Lori Anghel, Vitaly, Peggy Dzicki and Kathryn Shaw for all the feedback and tips they gave to SOFTimpact team for organizing this year’s event.

The 2016 SOFTimpact Organizing Team



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