Hi there off-roaders, On behalf of the Organizing Team, we are pleased to say a big THANK YOU to each of you who participated in the rally and your additional guests for coming to the dinner. We frankly appreciate you for taking the time and effort to participate and we certainly hope that the 2016 Rally has […]

Who goes for the extra mile?

  Dear Participants, After finalizing the list of participants, we can now inform you for an extra opportunity. The organizing team would like to announce that one of our sponsors, Boost Pro Shop is giving you the opportunity for a FREE technical check of your car before the rally, the so called scrutineering. The term […]

Registrations Update: Waiting List created

Dear friends and fans of the Cyprus Shipping Rally, First of all, the organizing team of SOFTimpact would like to thank all of you for the overwhelming interest being expressed this year. Since the initial stages of the organization, we have realized that the 22nd Shipping rally is highly anticipated by the shipping cycles. For this reason, […]

One month down the road

Indeed! We are only 30 days away from the most highly anticipated event of the Cyprus Shipping Community, the Off-road Rally. Traditionally, the majority of participating teams submit their registrations during the last couple of weeks but we are glad to announce that more than 65% of the available slots are ALREADY filled up. A […]

Cyprus Shipping Off-Road Rally 2016 Pricing Scheme

  Dear friends of the Annual Cyprus Shipping Off-Road Rally, The organizing team of SOFTimpact announces the pricing scheme for 22nd Cyprus Shipping Off-Road Rally which will take place on Saturday 11th of June 2016. For registering your team, you are kindly requested to fill up the online registration form located in the new Shipping […]

SOFTimpact launches the new Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally website

Over the last two decades the Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally organizing teams have tried with the technology and means available at hand to prepare, present and communicate information to the friends of the rally. In an effort to gather and highlight the origins and history of this annual event the SOFTimpact organizing team launches a […]

Handover meeting with previous years organizers

The annual Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally has grown to become the successful event that we all enjoy today due to the shared values and principles of the organizers, sponsors and participants. In order to make sure that the overall concept of the event is kept unchanged as originally inspired and embraced by all, members of […]

SOFTimpact organizing team formed

The SOFTimpact team which has won the 21st Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally accepted the challenge to organize the event for 2016, namely the 22nd Cyprus Shipping off-Road Rally. The winning team had its initial meeting to form the SOFTimpact organizing team for the 22nd annual rally. The team members reviewed the history, gathered information and […]