Rally 2017

Winning Team

The winner of the 2017 Cyprus Shipping Off-Road Rally is Team 17: THE SMURFS


Well done to the team and the skillful driver!

Total Results

Position Team Number Team Name Score
1 Team 17 THE SMURFS 132
2 Team 22 THE PACK 131
3 Team 25 HURRICANES 108
4 Team 31  DUTCH DEVILS 104
5 Team 16  AKROUNTAMEN 96
6 Team 14  CREWIMPACT 91
7 Team 26  IMMER DA 08 85
8 Team 2  PINK PANTHERS 84
Team 15  TBC… 84
11 Team 21  THE BLUES 77
Team 24  X-TEAM 2017 77
13 Team 3  LAWENDAS 72
Team 30  SBM WARRIORS 72
16 Team 12  VAGOS 69
Team 19  WE BE JAMMIN 69
18 Team 29  BEERS & GEARS 67
19 Team 23  SAFEBRIDGE 66
20 Team 4  NO IDEA! 64
21 Team 10  ISUZU SUZY 59
22 Team 18  KPIIMPACT 52
23 Team 1  KAHN 0073 47
24 Team 32  BUGGY TEAM 44
25 Team 27  THE SHOCKERS 42

 Photos from the Rally:


 Photo Gallery




Seat Belts – Always wear your seat belts during the course.

Keep your distance – Always keep a safety distance from the car in front of you and don’t rush them in to speeding.

Instructions – Follow the instructions given by the organisers.

In Case of Problems – In case of a mechanical failure or any other problem should occur, notify any of the admins by phone. If there is no signal coverage for the cell phones then stop any of the following cars and request help.

Hard Tracks – At any hard point of the track there is always a mark on the papers/maps given to you at the beginning of the Rally. Pay attention to the signs.

4WD (4 Wheel Drive) – In cases you need 4WD in general you should low in 2nd gear. Down hill 4WD Low 1st Gear and avoid using the brakes Up Hill 4WD Low 2nd Gear without reducing the speed and keep it steady till the top. River crossing 4WD Low 2nd gear. Please remember after exiting a river the brakes don’t work for a while so leave a greater distance from the car in front.

Fair Play – This is an event we all enjoy one way or the other and try to win, respect all competitors and if help is needed please do provide it.
Do not cheat by moving, hiding, removing or use any other means that will and can make your competitors game unfair.
Play a fair game.

Responsibility – We are not responsible for anything that may occur Before, During or After the finish of any “Rally” and who ever participates does so on his/her own risk.

Enviroment – Please keep the environment clean. Don’t kill nature.


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