Seat Belts

Always wear your seat belt’s during the course.

Keep your distance

Always keep a safety distance from the car in front of you and don’t rush them in to speeding.


Follow the instructions given by the organisers.

In Case of Problems

In case of a mechanical failure or any other problem should occur, notify any of the admins by phone. If there is no signal coverage for the cell phones then stop any of the following cars and request help.

Hard Tracks

At any hard point of the track there is always a mark on the papers/maps given to you at the beginning of the Rally. Pay attention to the signs.

4WD (4 Wheel Drive)

In cases you need 4WD in general you should low in 2nd gear. Down hill 4WD Low 1st Gear and avoid using the brakes Up Hill 4WD Low 2nd Gear without reduceing the speed and keep it steady till the top. River crossing 4WD Low 2nd gear. Please remember after exiting a river the brakes don’t work for a while so leave a greater distance from the car in front.

Fair Play

This is an event we all enjoy one way or the other and try to win, respect all competitors and if help is needed please do provide it.
Do not cheet by moving, hiding, removing or use any other means that will and can make your competitors game unfair.
Play a fair game.


We are not responsible for anything that may occur Before, During or After the finish of any “Rally” and who ever participates does so on his/her own risk.


Please keep the enviroment clean. Dont kill nature.