Hi there off-roaders,

On behalf of the Organizing Team, we are pleased to say a big THANK YOU to each of you who participated in the rally and your additional guests for coming to the dinner. We frankly appreciate you for taking the time and effort to participate and we certainly hope that the 2016 Rally has been all that you expected it to be. We also hope that you have taken the opportunity to make new friends and renew old acquaintances.

Here, we would like to say again how much we appreciate all of the sponsors, supporters and museum staff for their contribution and efforts during the preparation. We thank you. This rally would not have been a success without you.

In regards to the full results, those will be published at the new official website of Cyprus Shipping Rally by tomorrow 14th of June.


The Organizing Team of SOFTimpact.

Time passes, things change but the memories of this year’s rally will always stay in our head, in our heart.


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1 thought on “THANK YOU!

  1. Dear organizing Team

    first of all a BIG thank you for the Trophy (did you have too much money to spent? 🙂 )

    This was a VERY good Rally – one of the best I ever attended.
    Sorry that we did not make it to the party, but I did not come off the sofa anymore after driving home.

    If possible we would like to have the directions to the first challenge again, as we must try this route again in spring time.

    see you soon

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