The rally is back!

As you all know, in 2020 we were forced to cancel the rally due to the lockdown and while 2021 had started promising, in the end, we had to cancel it again due to safety concerns, restrictions in place and overall planning uncertainty.

While certainly, the pandemic is not fully over yet, I believe due to the vaccination progress we can look with a lot of optimism into the “rally” future. I am therefore happy to announce:

Preparations started and in good old tradition, the rally is targeted for upcoming June!

So I hope your off-roader is in a better shape than the sample on the left and you did not completely forget, where you parked it in the first place. Time to dust it off and hone your off-road skills again in time.

From our side, we identified the likely rally area, started scouting and also found two preferred suitable options as end locations. The next weeks will be spent exploring the area further to get a better idea of potential routes.

Keeping you posted,


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